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March 04, 2015


I am a fan, but not to the extent that I once was. All the sports news in Dallas is about Dez Bryant and his dissatisfaction with his getting the franchise tag for one year at only 13M. At the same time DeMarco Murray is thinking about skipping town to get a zillion dollar long term contract from Philadelphia ( the Cowboys most hated rival).

Makes me more interested in college ball but there are plans now to pay those players as well.

I don't know if you are an NFL fan but if you are you must be shocked at the moves the NFL teams are currently making. I long for the day when there were only 12 teams and I could name just about every player for each team. And the players played for the same team and city most, if not all, of their careers. But they say it is a business. And they are correct...a multi-billion dollar business!

I really don't care to be a fan of a business any longer. I must admit that for years they captured my interest and excitement following multi-million dollar athletes playing the business of football. And if I wanted an autograph many can be had by waiting on the courthouse steps of most cities. I think I will switch to rugby. I don't understand its rules but I never heard a rugby player say it is just a business.

Sorry - Misused the word NO and put KNOW instead. A senior moment.

I last saw Harvey in 1975. I spent a couple of days with him in Baltimore. He was, at that time, attending Towson State and sharing an apartment with his sister. I have not heard from him again although I have tried to find him several times. I have used the internet as well as all the social media to know avail.

I recently found out that Rick Wilson, who roomed with me and Harvey, lives in Dallas. He and Harvey were close so I might try to contact Rick. If i get any contact info I will let you know.

Feel free to join into the conversation any time you want. It will make the conversation more interesting to others who might stumble onto the site.

I'm glad you are back to blogging. I am not sure of the proper procedure or etiquette involved as the blogee but if I am out of line please let me know. I personally know the blogger so I am compelled to respond but perhaps I should just read, enjoy and wait for the next blog? I don't know.

I spent a year with the blogger in a far away land and he was one of a few associates that I can honestly say I enjoyed the conversation and his outlook on life in general. Jim is a smart guy and was enjoyable to listen to even under the influence of 3.2 beer.

I tried several times reaching out to his guitar instructor but I never received a response. Maybe he was trying to tell me something? I don't know. Probably my singing...at least I hope so.

Anyway, it is great to have some contact with a fellow patriot. I had numerous friendships during that 4 year stay and unfortunately I have not heard from any of them. I guess that says more about me than them.

Thank you for sharing your opinions and thoughts and I look forward to future posts. I can relate to many and it is somewhat comforting to know that I'm not the only one who does not wish to or can run 10k.

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