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April 05, 2015


Interesting stuff. I hadn't thought about applications for criminal investigations. It would make a great plot for a Sci Fi movie. Hope all is well with you.

In the 80's I was sent to England to review their AI for crime fighting specifically burglaries. The funding was from a grant of the very deep pockets of the federal government.

When I arrived I discovered there were no computers or anything that resembled artificial intelligence. I was very skeptical from the beginning but tried my best to support the project and make it a success. Deductive reasoning was not employed but most investigators use abduction (inference) to solve crimes. The if/then rules submitted for AI could not simulate human reasoning nor could it withstand the rapid changes and disagreements by detectives that existed.

When I returned to the USA I was asked for my opinion of the project in front of all of my peers.

Hopefully, this is where I conjoin both of Jim's last two blog entries and actually try to make a point.

My first response was to discuss how beautiful England and Wales are thus avoiding my actual opinion and judgment on the AI project. But unfortunately for me that was not what my boss was looking for and ultimately the truth, my truth was exposed. Was my truth a reality or just my perception of what I thought to be true. I was told the next day that I simply did not understand the project therefore was not qualified to make such a negative judgement on AI.

Later on the project was discontinued and I was relieved that I was honest and that my perceptions were based on reality and not artificial intelligence.

No I don't completely buy that AI works when actual human reasoning and nuance is needed. Henry Markram states he will do it when he models a 100 trillion synapses of the human brain. That is very ambitious but hey, as I use the computer I'm working on who would have though that this would be possible years ago?

Regarding your lunch date, I believe he was seeking the truth so there is no need to be sorry.

I have been waiting for someone to comment on this topic since it seems I am always the first and unfortunately the last to comment. Also since my knowledge of nanotechnology is so extensive I didn't want to intimidate anyone with my breadth of knowledge on this subject. Actually I don't know anything about it and was wondering what kind of person thinks of this stuff. Obviously Jim Mills does. And I used to drink beer and howl at the moon with this guy. What does that say about me?

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