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April 05, 2016


Hey Jim! Hope all is well. Have not heard from you since April. A lot has gone by and was wondering where you stand with the election? Can you select none of the above?

I agree, except I do believe that Paul Ryan will be nominated in Cleveland. He stated he was not interested in becoming Speaker of the House. He is now the Speaker of the House. He is claiming he is not interested in becoming the Republican nominee. I believe he will be nominated and he will accept.

Cruz is being supported only to insure a contested nomination and when Trump comes up short in delegates, Ryan will surface to the top. Kasich is being used to take away delegates from Trump to help insure a contested nomination. The folks that actually call the shots for the Republican party do not want Ted or Kasich as their candidate.

The X factor is a 3rd party nominee named Trump, Sanders or whoever is behind door 3. There is really only one loser after the smoke clears...the American voters. And please don't forget which party brought Sarah Palin to the dance! FUBAR!

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